Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boyer Park camp out

On the road again
So we went camping last weekend at Boyer park in WA. It wsa pretty fun. It was our first campout since Berkley was born. she loved the tent, fire,and the water. It was like we were playing keep away from the fire all night. We had hot dogs and s'mores and it watched a movie in the tent. We were a little unsure about going camping with her but figure its now or never. She did pretty good she just didn't want to go to sleep.She kept getting up and looking out the window and rolling over all the sleeping bags wich was cool...Its been a long time and Im glad we went! dont have any real camp pictures cause my camera died right after she got in the water. but you can imagine!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

better late than never

so here are some more pictures of Berkleys birthday. Ive been meaning to post these for a while. It was alot of fun to see her cousins and grandparents. We also had a girls night when we were there and she decided to throw the finger nail polish----not so cool, sorry Jolleena. but besides that it was fun

Monday, July 21, 2008


Attempting sponge curlers. poor kid
Re-curling and fixing the sponge curler fiasco.
...speaking of old cartoons, has anyon watched "all dogs go to heaven" in like 15 years? well we got it a few weeks back for berk Bert Reynolds is charly the main dog. guess I never notice before. random I know

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I dont care what my teachers say... Im gonna be a super model!

(pictures from my moms house)
I know everyone tells me that the next kid is gonna feel bad cause the first kid always has way more pictures. I hope thats not true.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Berkleys Birthday!

So Berkley turned 2 on July 1st! I cant believe I have a 2 year old! somethings that have changed since her last birthday... She calls Brett Dad instead of Brett.... She started calling me Emily a few days ago....Shes crazier than ever (Very high energy)....Shes talking alot more.... knows her colors & most of her letters....Her hairs grown about a foot....Alot more snuggly....Still alot of fun and keeps us very busy.
I was at my parents house for about 10 days and we were there for Berkleys birthday so we had a party there with her girl cousins and some of my cousins little girls. Its was all butterflies and she had a good time.

Unfortanatly Brett couldn't come but we got her a little dora bike when we got back and she loves it, cant reach the pedals yet but she likes the buttons.

Thanks to everyone who came to her birthday and those her sent Berkley cards and prizes! I cant believe how fast they grow!