Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fun In Utah (or newtah if your my child) lotsa pics

We stayed at Great Grandma and Granpda Turners house on the way to Utah and back. the kids and us had a good time with them and it definatley made the trip alot easier to stop.
riding the train thing to slc to see the lights

Berkley Gavin Shai, Brett and Monroe in the stroller

Grandma berk & Gavin- dont know why its fuzzy- this was before I got my new camera

fam in slc

John Marissa kenzie Trenton & Hallie (and berk tring to get in there family picture)
kids decorating cookies

Leah Cam Ike and baby Tyler
Avatar in 3-D the boys liked that movie WAY to much

Merry Christmas Ballerina!

Monroe happy Christmas morning

The Girls with Grandma and grandpa Turner

Grandpa christmas morning


berkley and Jacob. Berkley misses her cousins so much and had such a fun time with them. shes been talking about them and Grandma and Grandpa since we got back.

Carson in his camo with gun in hand christmas morning

Berkley in her dress up ballet clothes

Jacob, Gavin and Carson playin Christmas morning

Monroe with her special airplane toy- she loves the pooh bear that goes up and down

We had a fun time over Christmas and did lots of fun things. we got to go to slc and see the lights which I have never done before and would reccomend but just know it will be freeeeezing. And lots of Family. Thank you Shari and Brady for letting us stay with you and feeding us all that delicious food! We made lots of Christmas treats, gingerbread house, and ate wayyyy too much but thats ok thats what new years is for right. I got to see my sister (Marissa)and my cousin (leah)which was nice- I wish we could have stayed longer but life goes on. We've been pretty busy since we've returned. we're buying a house, kind of all of a sudden but its a great deal and PLENTY of space for us to grow in for a while. so we've been trying to get that going smoothly but it'll be crazy cause the family we are buying it from are moving into the house we are renting so moving day, whatever day that will be, WILL be crazy. But Im getting really excited about it. Berkley starts Dance the begining of Feb and shes so excited- We went wed to sign her up and she wanted to go into the class that was going on right then and was so sad that it wasn't that day. busy next couple weeks then hopefully things will chill out for a minute also we are going out of town the weekend we close, like the day after, for work. so again I say it will be crazy, but Im still excited for it all! heres some more pictures from my other camera from Christmas Break! Happy New Year a week late! (And if anyone is wondering, yes we did sell our house in Moscow a few months back)