Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So this is the recent crafty project. the picture dosn't do the fabric justice. I think it is the cutes fabric ever. I was gonna use is in Berks room as either a clip holder or picture thing, but I kinda just like is plain. the picture on the bed is not our ugly bedspread dont worry- its at a hotel over the weekend, I just love that Berkley decided to pick her nose at that moment! the other one was on a walk I just thoought it was cute of them. thats all I got today! have a good weekend all four of you who read this, on occasion!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Weekend

Dancing to the music at the Farmers market!
Dancing with Daddy in the pool!
Lovin the water- it was so hot that day!

Last weekend was pretty fun. We had an a showing of the house sat morning so we went to the farmers market for a while. I love the farmers market. Its in the center of town and theres music, veggies, flowers, art stand. Just a good mix of stuff to look at and eat! so while Brett was looking at the photos of the palouse Berk and I went over to the music. Two older guys playing the tuba and trumpet, and she was dancing like a maniac!-so cute. so they told her to come up with them, and then they played the itsy bitsy spider and she did the hand motions- so fun! But Brett missed the whole thing! Then we had an open house from 11-2 so we busted out the kiddie pool to keep Berk busy ( it was like 85 degrees-finally!) and she had a time! She has a super cute swimsuit Grandma Turner got her but we wanted to see if her $1 store swimsiut would even work- yea I know what dont they sell- ... So we had a good weekend and know we (Berkley & I) both have colds, and its like 60 degrees out. grrrrr.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bocce Ball FHE

Bocce Ball FHE

Our first fhe w/ brett in a few weeks. We played Bocce Ball until it got too cold. We got home Saturday and had an awesome mothers day surprise from Brett- a table and chairs for the deck! I love it and am soooo excited for summer! its supposed to be 80 tommorow then 86 the next day- we'll see if that actually happens. and I got a new camera (early birthday present) hence the new pictures. I didn't realize how addicted I was to taking pictures until my old camera broke! thanks Brett for all the prizes! so for those of you who dont know we are trying to sell our house right now. I just put it on craigslist monday and have had more interest from that then from our realtor! so those of you who are looking to sell or buy a home craigslist is the way to go!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday & Mothers Day Mom!

Happy Mothers day Mom and Bretts Mom! And also Happy Birthday Mom! Many mothers days have fallen on my moms birthday. which I guess it like having your birthday by any holiday- you kinda get ripped off. I hope you felt like you had a birthday and a mothers day. I m glad you got to talk to Jake (brother on a mission) and that Berkley and I got to visit for a little while. We appreciate all you do and are excited to see you again a few more times this summer in passing! take care and again Happy Birthday!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

oh... we miss you Brett!

We are at my parents for a little while and we sure miss Brett! this was at church for activities commitee. I really wish Brett was here and I hope the house isn't going to the dogs. I know who says that? Its been sunny here but I dont think over 60 but what could you ask for in Western Washington? We are excited to be with the cousins and Berkley is loving all the attention! my parents just left today to Hawaii so tonight will be the first night with just us and Reid (my uncle Im babysitting) so hopefully it wont get to lonely and scary! wish me luck in this big house!