Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter, Monroe's blessing & family visit

So Easter was a busy day. The bunny came and brought Berkley treats and toys and Monroe was blest. Brett did a great job and gave Monroe a special blessing. We were lucky to have Bretts parents in town as well as my parents, uncle reid and my sister with her family. We appreciate everyones effort for making it to the blessing. we had a good time.

Berkley's Easter dressGrandma & Grandpa with baby Monroe- Berkley asks for them daily. We miss you guys and had a fun time while you were here!

Grandma Turner & Grandma Dickson

Hunter Alaura Berkley Rhiannon & Daniel- We miss you guys!
While Grandma & Grandpa Turner were here we did some fun things, one of which was go to open Gym at a gymnastics center in Kennewick. Heres Grandma jumping on the trampoline with Berkley and her best buddy Ava
A walk by the Columbia- kinda chilly that day- its was 82 yesterday, 84 today, and 86 tommorow. yeah Im glad we moved here

Thanks so much for the visit and hopefully we can see you soon!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pretty much 30!- Happy Bizzirthday Brett

(the only picture your smiling with your teeth!)

if you round up- 28 is pretty much 30 old man! Happy Birthday Brett I hope your birthday isn't too hectic, or too random. We love you soooooo mucha nad have so much fun when we get to see you. Heres a few of the memories throughout our time together and one before...

look how young! our cute little neice Jaylene!

first date-I know what I saw... not quite sure what you saw! 1st Halloween - cutest cowboy in Idaho!
sea world- still cant believe you like it more than disneyland- but thats okay! NC- wright bro-museum- I think this picture is so funny- Im a dork!
Best budds You and berkley in Indianapolis- she loves you so much! she misses you so much and just wants to make you laugh! batman

sharp dressed manhonestly, I was hoping you wouldn't get anything that day! christmas 2006christmas 2008- what a stud! (yes Im way pregnant in this one)

We Love You Brett! Thanks for all you do and for being born! -love em & the girls