Friday, July 29, 2011

:) :) Hawaii : ) :)

my two hula girls! I missed them alot being in hawaii! Monroe tells me all the time now " I missed you mom" its so cute

almost as cute as my hula girls but not quite-at a work dinner

Place of refuge; this place was a place people could escape when they had broken a law back in the day. they had crazy laws like womeon couldn't prepare the mens food, or if you walked on royaltys shadow youd be killed, so theres this place for them to go to make it right basically. Anyway heres Bretts mom trying out a costume !

some pictures say a thousand words and some you just dont know what to say!

Ziplining snack break at the Mac nut hut

riding up to do the ziplining on this crazy bumping ride. thats Bretts parents next to him. They were able to meet up with us when we were in Hawaii which was alot of fun!

about to go down a zipline : ) I was pretty scared on some of them. cant believe I did it but Im so glad I did! Way fun and Way scary!

Also Place of refuge. At this rock one of the kings wives( his favorite wife) had runaway and hid behind this rock after a fight they had had. When he came looking for her, her dog barked and gave her away so the king found her and they madeup and she went back with him. so we tried to recreate that for ya!

also place of refuge. this is the walls to get in and they were something like 17 feet deep!

Another random statue by the pools at the Hilton

Sunset at the beach at our hotel.

Boat ride out to go night snorkeling with the Manta rays. crazy! it was really amazing. to bad I dont have a water camera! The divers were on the bottom of the ocean shinning bright lights up to attract plankton and we were on the top of the water chinning flashlights down and the Mantas would swim and flip in right by us- way cool

it says caution falling coconuts- just a cool beach we went to one day : )

brett and his dad, hiking down the steepest hill to try and find some waterfalls...that we never found. but there was a black sand beach! and we did get a ride up with some really cool hippies!

classic sunset pic

oh april! I miss you! My friend former District managers wife and me at Kareoke(how do you spell that? I know thats not right!) they just moved away : ( :(

lunch by the beach : )

thanks for working so hard Brett so we could go on a fun trip!

ohhhh! home again home again! no place like home!