Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summerrrrr time time time(sing it like Janis)

Summer has been fun and busy and a bit of a blur! I can't believe eveyone is going back to school already. they had the fair here last weekend but Im holdin out for the "real" fair in Puyallup in a couple weeks. Hope everyone had a fun summer! heres some pictures from August : )
they really are best friends and i hope they always will be
I told her she looked like Alice in Wonderland next to these tall flowers- she loves Alice

partners in crime!

shes starts pre-school next week and is really excited about it. she didn't want to leave when we went to the openhouse last week. Its just two days a week which I think is plenty. Its gonna be weird not to have her around 24/7

family night : )

somemore of the "cheese" face at fhe

cousins! I think Kenz was getting changed when I took this

ooohhhhh! how cute!

Berk and one of her tricks!

isn't this what you do in the sprinkler? Im gonna miss summer!

Ward campout- it wasn't like a trek. they just had these handcarts to haul your stuff in from your car. little did we know we would all get sick after this campout! yuck! a bunch of famiies got sick- not fun or cool!

S'mores at the campout-

sugar high after the s'mores

Monroe trying to wait to do s'mores with mallow in hand. somone thought itd be a good idea to make everyone introduce themselves and sing songs before the s'mores... I think Monroe ate half a bag of mallows before we could make s'mores

swingin at the ward campout

They love to plave hide n seek and the cupboards are a fav place to hide- Monroes makin her "Cheese" face

so cute! Even with yogurt all over her face! love it!

It took a while for her to start to like the sprinkler park but she definatley does now

Primary temple trip-super cute they took a picture to send into the friend. Brett and I got to go with them
stick bug in a jar- now whenever we see a bug, which is alot outside, they want it in a jar. kept them entertained for quite some time!
All for now! have a great September!

Friday, August 20, 2010

concrete jungle where dreams are made

trip to NYC we got to see our cute nephew Cohen on our trip! Bretts sis Megan drove up from NC which was really cool of her!
4-d wizard of Oz @ Madame Tussouds- however you spell it- that was really cool- also one of my fav movies ever so that was a bonus
going along with the wizard of oz theme- this was probably the coolest thing we did!so funny and clever! go see it! and side note dont read the book -weird Central Park beautiful but it was so bloody hot that day!
does this need captions central park- there were only about 20million people there I dont know why we didn't ask someone to take the pic

Keepin it real Megan and ran into our friend Jen in front of this cool forest

can you tell which one is me and which one is Marilyn Monroe? pretty tricky!
Marissa John & Trent -when we went to Time square

fun trip! glad we got to go!