Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fun at the Fair

It was our lucky Day! Dora was at the fair! the girls love love love Dora.
It was supposed to be rainy that day hence the warm clothes but it ended up being sunny the whole time we were at the fair! it rained the second we got to my moms till we left but not while we were at the fair!

On the Am Fam trian- brett monroe & dad (grandpa)

Monroe love Grandpa she usually takes a while to warm up to people but not him!

Grandpa and berk going in the fun house-

I cant help but laugh at this one she looks frieked! she was excited when she got off though, I thought she was gonna cry but she liked it despite the face!
Berk on the 'black widow' race car

the one ride Monroe got to go on. shes totally strapped on but seriosly this she can go on but not the merry go round? really?

LOve the fair its been since oohhhhhh...2001 that I've been. so it was fun to take Brett and the girls there for the first time and see what a real fair is like : ) my mom was gonna come but had to take my uncle home who wasn't feeling well : ( we missed her but had a fun time with grandpa dickson

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My babys in pre-school!

Berk started pre-school today and I haven't been emotional about it at all... until It was time for her to go and I was taking pictures of her with her backpack on- I lost it! Her response was "Why are you crying?" and I said"Cause Im gonna miss you!" and she said "Its okay I can take care of myself and I'll tell you all about it when I get home" which made me cry even more! she was really excited to go in there. shes definalty not shy and was talking to the teachers assistant the second she walked in there telling her everything important like her name and how to spell it. Shes there right now and Im anxious to go get her! I love her so much! she told me I was her sweetheart before she left, but she really is mine! miss her love her, I know she'll have lots of fun and learn alot-
Also Monroe started Nursery Sunday, which I was nervous about cause shes alittle more...well not as easy to go to anyone but me. But she did great, plopped her in there and she found some toys and barely noticed me leaving! Im so greatful for that. My babies are growing up! dont know how I feel about that!