Sunday, September 27, 2009

love being the mom

We are getting excited for Halloween. i love any and every holiday. Being the mom is the best cause you can totally get into everything and nobody thinks your a weirdo. I can have a halloween countdown and play dress up in july! yestereday while dad was away I had a little photoshoot with the girls. I think Berk is going to be a black cat. Its gone from her wanting to be a doggy, to a camel, to bad guy, to finally fingers crossed a kitty --not just any kitty though, she said these exact words "I want to be a kitty with a red nose like a reindeer" duh-anyway... here are some pictures of the kiddos

Monroe Idalice -6 1/2 months 16 1/2 pds
Berkley Mae 3yrs old

We got these make yourself masks from the $ store- holla!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

jaker baker

Oh my little Brother Jake is coming home in 21 days!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo! Im so excited and I just cant hide it! He is the baby and has been on a mission over in Raleigh NC for the past 2 years and has not seen any of my in laws...yet...and I dont think its gonna happen. We are so proud of him and cant wait to see him. Berkley's been asking about uncle Jake since July. I dont think she actually remebers him but she definatley knows him from pictures. There are 2 new babies since He's been gone (Monroe & Kenzie) and one on the way--not mine
awww Jake and Berkley at 6 months. Funny that Monroes that same age... and looks nothing like her

Sunday, September 13, 2009

6 months & Tea Parties

Monroe is 6 months as of the 6th. Her first tooth broke through the weekend she turned 6 months. Shes a happy baby and sleeping alot better since that tooth came through. She loves Berkley and Berkley loves her. I dont know who has more fun together cause they make each other laugh alot!
Her favorite toy right now, flowers that light up, play music and have different textured petals. shes growing so fast!

so last week sometime we went to Goodwill cause I wanted to find some little teacups and plates for Berkley to play tea party with and I found these clear cups and little pitcher (which Im guessing is probably for alcohol but works good for this purpose) and She loves to play Tea party with them. I also got some mini goblets there for her. so we steralized them all and she loves it. she just pours water in the cups and from the cups into the other cups. Keeps her busy forever! little messing but not that bad. I just keep a towel in on her little table in her room. And its all carpet so its not gonna break.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

camping, factories, animals, and leavenworth


Marissa (sister) stopped by on there way home so Berkley got to see her cousin's Hallie(in pic) Trent & Kenzie!

weekend before last we went to a ward campout. we were a little nervous because our last campout with Berkley noone slept, but it went really well. We all slept and had a fun time with the ward. thats Berk with her little friend Sarah from nursery

throwing rocks in the creek at the camp out- nothing funner- yep thats a word

so this last weekend (labor day) we decided to go up to Leavenworth, bavarian town about 3 hours north of us. And on the way we stopped at s few places, first the Appletts & Cotlets Factory where we got a tour of the factory. Not quite as big as I remember from when I was a kid. but it was still fun. it was funny cause they said even Monroe had to wear a hair net. really? I can see Berkley needing one for sure but really? We were all pretty stylin

We also stopped at this really cute petting zoo/ mercantile/fruit stand on the way. it was awesome. they give you a bag of feed and some corn huks for the animals. Berkley didn't want to leave but it started to pour down rain so we had to go.

this is one view of leavenworth from our hotel window. and yes it was hard to find a place on labor day weekend, the day before.

outside the chocolate factory- so good- we had cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick-can life get better than cheesecake dipped in chocolate on a stick?

I love this place. it was Bretts first time and he had a good time.

of course we had brat's and polish weiners for dinner. everyone is dressed in bavarian clothes-oh and yes I did completley chop my hair and dye it brown. it looks better than this picture though- that was after a down pour of rain!
On the way home our happy camper # 1

Happy camper #2
Monday we decided to try out our new firepit. Berk wasn't quite patient enough to cook the hotdog but she tried! her favorite was her cold marshmellow sandwich(she didn't want anything hot)
good weekend had by all! wish Brett didn't have to go back to work ever!