Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ballet and few of the house

Here is Berkley on her first day of Ballet. She started about a month ago and has alot of fun. its so cute and pretty funny to watch her.

All the kids favorite part of class is free dance at the end where they usually get to dance with wands. oh it brings me back....girls are so fun.
Heres some pictures of the house- this is for the fa mily that hasn't see it yet. anyone who wants to visit is more than welcome! we love visitors! (this is the family room)
entr, office doors I painted black- I painted inside the office a grey color

so the whole house every wall and ceiling were the same color, not a bad color but not a kids room color so I painted Berkleys room this light robins egg color and Im still working on Monroes-pink

more to come! the computer is taking forever I have more pictures but not enough time right now. two weeks and one day till Sydney! we are super excited but Im gonna miss my babies! I miss them already just thinking about it. Anybody been there have any suggestions??? Or ideas to keep busy on the 17 hour plane ride?