Wednesday, May 25, 2011

staying at grammas while gramma was gone yes I know how to spell grandma

so im a blog slacker. these are from a while back-begining of may when I stayed at my moms and babysat while they went to Hawaii with my sisters. good times with the cousins.
pj party with popcorn watching Megamind

decorsey park

ahhhh adorable- they are about 9 months apart. they are both starting kindergarten this year. wish it was in the same state : ( we miss you Hallie!

this was at my old elemnetary school it was covered in dandelions and the kids just ran all over the place

what? nothing weird about this picture. my older sister had a short layover in seattle before going to Hawaii. this was her present to my dad from the middle east where she now lives- also too far : (

Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter pictures : )

for some reason eerytime I post these this post dosn't stay posted, and turns into a draft. Anyone ever have that happen? anyway easter pics