Sunday, February 20, 2011


so the other day I was getting ready I heard berkley yell " Help mom Help!" So I ran down stairs. I didn't see her at first, and yelled her name. then I saw her and said " what?" her response "im stuck in a sandwich!" -goof ball! she cracks me up sometimes! I had to take a picture

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

wanted to post some things about the kiddos. Berks having her first ever class valentine party tommorow. we just sat down and wrote everyones names on them. those cards are too small for 4 yr olds to write names like Savannah, it dosn't help that her name is Berkley. too long. it was cute to see her decide who should get which card : ) Shes also in a group called Tavaci. Its a singin/dancing class and loves it! everyday she asks if its tuesday so she can go to Tavaci!
Monroe is growing so fast! after 2 weeks of her freakin out at bedtime we let her sleep with Berkley which solved the problem so we moved another twin into Berks room and they share now. They both really enjoy it. she talkin up a storm now and joins in when Berk has her daily concerts for me. Her favorite songs to sing for us are rock a bye dont you cry, and jingle bell rock. shes still my little snuggler and likes to grab my leg when im walking. whenver we eat she scoots a seat at a time till shes on by lap and says " im a sit by you"-so cute. shes back to liking nursery which is good. She initiall had a rough time when she moved into the other class in january.
Both girls are so excited to go see Minnie & Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, and Grandma and Grandpa. Monroe calls them Missy Mouse. I know there gonna love it and cant wait.