Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks Giving

Just wanted to Give Thanks for all my many blessings starting with my little Family,

Monroe is growing up so fast! shes already wearing Berkleys clothes from when she was 12 months. no shes not super blob, berkley was really petitte and still is. She'll be 9 months after thanksgiving. she can crawl backwards and has started to go forward, just a couple steps- not steps but you know what I mean. She is a talker. and not a quiet talker and loud talker. She'll say mama and dada.and just has the sweetest smile and little laugh! shes my little snuggle bug- I love it! And she thinks Berkley is thee funniest person in the world! so darn cute!

Berkley really is little miss sunshine. She's so funny, she does this thing where she'll lip sync to music and its pretty hilarious she'll put one arm on her stomach and one arm out and shake her head like shes singing opera. its pretty cute. And she loves to dance! I can't wait for her to start dance in January. this is a picture actually of her with one of her ballet costumes over her clothes of course. I love this stage shes in right now. Its the all the things you think of when you think of a little girl, dolly's and tea parties and dress up! Shes a sweetheart too she gives compliments like nobody Ive ever met. its so nice to hear 'mom I like your haircut' thats a daily one. or I like your pretty bracelet- or whatever. Shes such a great example to me of how I should be, except for the kissing little boys thing! (I think we got it under control) two cute things she says lately "I am beautiful" and "I made this for you" its funny cause she says it about things that she didn't make like toys. I think she thinks it means Im giving this to you. I dont know!
Brett I love you! Thank you for all you do for us! all your long hours at work. And all the time you find to play with the girls and spend with me! I apreciate it so much and I know you've gotta be exhausted. We are all so excited when you get home and look forward to it everyday. Your a great dad and husband and I wouldn't trade you for a million bucks! maybe 2 million-noooo! just kidding your my world! love you, miss you! -Em

I love my girls! Im so grateful for them both and my one big boy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Disney on Ice & Halloween

Bretts disguise/halloween costume. the mustache wouldn't stay on so this was the best and only picture of it.

So we went to Disney on Ice last Thursday and Berkley was mesmorized and just loved it. Im so glad we went. I took about 4 pictures at the begining then my camera died of course. Shes still talking about "Disney on Ice" and Tinky bell. Yesterday she asked if she could call Tinky bell and I said "I dont know her number' and she said " oh, its 4!" so I said I think she's busy right now. I didn't know how to get out of that one. and yes I know its tinkerbell. I highly reccomend going if its in your area.
Painting and carving pumpkins fhe
Berkley with her friends Ava and little sister Adalyn
Halloween was fun Trick or treating. Berkley lost her cat ears somewhere in the neighborhood and Halloween night I actually forgot to draw her whiskers and nose on her! and she had her coat on all night. so the last few houses she just had a tail that was turned around, cause she had to show every door her tail. people where probably thinking she was pretty ghetto. but we went to a trunk or treat a few weeks ago and Friday we went to a thing at Walmart were the kids dressed up and got candy so she was a full on black cat then! so judge if you will! jk. after we went trick or treating. we got home and brett dumped all the candy on the tabe and began to sort. I thought I was having a flashback. i guess someone needs to teach her thats what you do! hope everyone had a fun halloween

just had to throw this one in there. Monroe will be 8 months on friday I cant believe it. I feel like time is in warp speed lately... like for the past year!