Thursday, March 17, 2011

Missy Mouse Birthday

birthday pancakes

my Minnie Mouse party inspiration was from the following link I would have done the pinata if she was older chek out this blog-super cute

For a reason Im not sure of Monroe calls Minnie and Mickey Missy Mouse. she can say Minnie but prefers Missy. Anyway we had a Minnie Mouse cake for her Birthday, balloons and a few friends. that afternoon we went to Chuck E Cheese where a kid can be a kid if its no too crowded. Which is was but it was still fun. And the pizza was actually pretty darn good : )

Some things about Monroe

She sleeps in a Big girl bed now, and shares a room now with Berkley which usually means they share a bed cause they're buddies : )

Favorite Monroe phrases -I come wis you (I'll come with you- often repeated after I bring them to the play room and want to go get some things done)

-I sit wis you (I'll sit with you- mainly at meal time when she wants to sit on my lap after prayer, shes kind of my shadow)

-I go to DISNEYLAND! she says it in a sing song sort of way usually first thing in the morning

-whats that sound mom? whenever she hears anything in the distance, plane, motorcycle garbage truck

- I sit in Berkies seat!@ (everytime we go to the car she loves to take berks carseat)

- I do it by myself ( totally 2! says this one alot)

Shes a good helper loves to help put dishes away and put plates on table

Loves to sing

Loves Dora, SpongeBob Bubble Guppies

loves to play dress up, kitchen, and babies

Just a sweetheart who tries to be the boss sometimes. Love her like crazy and cant believe only two years ago we didn't have her yet! she makes each day sweet! Happy late bday Roro

Friday, March 4, 2011

:) :) : ) Disneyland : ) :) : ) : )

What? this is my husbands new look. still cute.

Cheesecake factory night before Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!can you tell Berks excited

Finally were here! (we told them we were goind to disneyland christmas morning so its been a long time coming for these two little rascals)
We told her that Berkley was Alice for Halloween and the guy next to the queen said -oh she dosn't like that, the Queen dosn't like Alice- Berk got this scared shocked look on her face like it was personal- it was pretty funny
California adventure

Somebodys favorite ride! this and the tikki room where Monroes favs

And to think it all started with this guy



Action figure Berkley Mae and Monroe- CA Adventure

Waiting for the Dumbo ride

Meeting Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow- we didn't have many long lines cause it was supposed to pour rain but tinkerbell and the princess were both long lines but worth the wait :)

Minnies house in toon town

after watching Captain EO- Micheal Jackson 3-D movie that apparently Brett loved when he was little- it was pretty hilarious from early 80's

Berk chattin it up with Sleeping Beauty- i think she told all the princess " I have your movie"
this is the closest we could get Monroe to any of the characters without me holding her I think she got out of ther as soon as Belle turned around to talk to her

We got to go to Disneyland last week for a few days. It was a quick trip but alot of fun! The girls have been talking about going back since we got home. We found a place where we got a good deal on hopper passes so we got to see califonia adventure which was neat. They have a cool Alladdin play thats worth going over there for. also the tower of terror was pretty fun. My parents got to come down with us to which was fun and a big help wrangling the kids. And Also Reid got to come and had a really fun time! Yea for Disneyland! Love it! just like Berkley cant wait to go back : )