Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope Everyone had a good Easter! Saturday my friend Annette let us go to there ward Easter egg hunt and breakfast. Im glad we did! Berkley loved it. She ran around so fast trying to get those eggs. the first one popped open and she ate a jellybeans- then it was all over! its funny how fast they catch on!
This is Easter morning. She got a fairy Barbie from the Easter bunny this year! she loves brushing its pink hair.
this was tight before church. cute dress but she was not in a good mood. Have I said terrible twos have come a little early for Berk? yeah a little moody!
Still didn't want to look at the camera. She actually chilled out when she went upstairs but then my camera wouldn't work! of course! Happy Easter everyone! I hope now it will start feeling (weather wise) like spring!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Purse"onal Enrichment

Ta da!
This is the bottom cake
and the other four layers...

So Im the Enrichment leader in our ward and we just did our big Quarterly Enrichment last night. ahh, sigh of relief. Glad its done and glad it went well and I'll never make frosting or cake again! yeah I made that huge cake. you dont even want to know how much powdered sugar- 6 lbs! and 3 cubes of crisco. kinda grosses you out huh. it actually tasted pretty good. but still- never again. We had a lady in our ward speak on our "purse" onal journey through life and the stages and purses we use(temple ba, school bag, diaper bag) and she realted everything to the gospel. She did and awesome job! and we had taco salad for dinner. And little purse's for every on to take home.All in all it went pretty smooth. but when I got home I was beat! this is mainly for my mom to see the cake. (Mom-thanks again for letting me use all those table clothes and cute purse!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter FHE

So I attempted to watch an Easter cartoon of the actual Easter story with Berkley earlier that day. And it was like Reading Rainbow style where it was a still picture and talking over it. she wasn't too impressed. but she still watched most of it cause it was right before naptime. then for family night we decorated Easter Eggs. I had them sitting in dye during dinner and then let her put stickers on them. She really liked it she kept picking up the orange on and then threw it down and broke it.(a little dramatic) So I gave her one of the eggs for lunch today and she love it! ate it right up! This probably dosn't mean much to you but shes a picky/anorexic eater so I was very happy! Anyway... Happy Easter and Im sure I'll have more Easter pix after the Easter Egg hunt Saturday! (Thanks Annette for letting us come!)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!

Happy Birthday JOE! I can't believe your 34! WOW YOU ARE OLD! just kidding! I hope you have fun today Im sure you have to work- unless they give you Saint Patricks day off. I wish I could have been at moms yesterday. But we are having cornbeef and cabbage in your memory for dinner. We are so excited to see you guys in 2 weeks! Im glad someone is gonna see were we live. I hope you guys have fun I know we will. Brett really wants to go to Ferdinands when you come. (the icecream place at WSU) Anyway I hope you have a good Birthday and we love you! Em Brett & Berkley

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How a 21 month old gets her kicks!

thinking about it...
Im just gonna do it!
that was Hilarious!!!

She is getting pretty funny. And naughty! I think she thinks the word "no" means please do that and in the craziest way possible. We've been trying not to have the tv on when she's awake cause she was super A. D.D at storytime last week and I thought that might help. -I dont think so. She has been so crazy. I'll share one example. I was on the computer and Brett had just been working in the office so there were 3 piles of paper on the floor for work. and she runs in here and I could tell she was looking at the papers so I say dont touch the papers. so OF COURSE she dives head first grabs what she can, rolls around on all 3 piles and laughs histarically. Yes it was pretty funny- but what the heck! Im pretty sure she might be the bad seed! Good thing she so dang cute! Oh and also another new development is she will try whatever kind of gymnastic move to get away when your changing her diaper- but only if its poopy and will make a huge mess! good times. but I still love her to death!