Monday, June 16, 2008

the vaca- Homedale ID & Havasupai AZ

(Berkley Kaden(bretts cousin berkleys buddy) and Great Grandma Turner)

So the last week and 1/2 have been really packed. We first went down to Homedale Idaho for a Turner reunion at Bretts Grandparents house. We had alot of fun. They have abeautiful home overlooking the snake river and Bretts unlces' diary farm. there front rooms are pretty much just all windows so you can see the whole valley. its gorgeous. (Above the Turner cousins and Grandma & Grandpa Turner except for Jaylene & Reagan- Berkley was definatley out number by the boys!)

Berkley & Daddy- she wasn't scared at all- he went slow mom dont worry

(fishing Day! thats Gavin holding the fish- when his mom told him we were gonna eat the fish he asked are we gonna eat the blood? haha)

Berkley loved the animals!so much fun!
We had a good time 4-wheeling looking at the animals and playing with all the boy cousins. We had alot of great food fun and fishing! I hope we can get back there before we move further away from them.

last monday we came back from Homedale (boise area) and my mom & unlce Reid came to stay with Berkley while we went on our hiking adventure in Arizona at Havasupai. Its a big canyon you hike into (10 miles down to the village where the natives live the 2 miles to the campground- crazy long hike!) the village is like nothing Ive ever seen before either, theres no cars, just dirt roads. and everyone has these fences made from sticks and barbed wire. a completly different world.
(Havasu falls-below. the one above I cant remember the name but you climb up, then go to the edge holding a rope then turn around and jump- it was about 40 feet I think) look at that water the picture dosn't do it justice!But theres all these different waterfalls you hike to during the day that are just amazing. The water is completly clear which Ive never seen before. Its just this oasis in the desert. it actually connects to the grand canyon but we opted out of hiking the extra 8 miles to the grand canyon.

mooney falls was the bigest falls and you have to like rock climb down this steep mountain, through caves to get to it. it was pretty crazy but worth it once you got to the botttom.

Im sure I will post more pix of Havasupai. this is probably the longest post ever so Im calling it good for now. we also went to vegas so more pix coming soon......let me know what your vacation plans are. I love SUMMER!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rock Star Berkley

Its funny that both of these pictures are of her eating, cause I swear thats my life struggle is trying to get here to eat. but you'll notice its fruit it both pictures. turns out she would beat anyone in a watermelon eating contest! no joke. she ate a whole bowl of watermelon, on multiple days, by herself, and shes like thats saying something! actually she is getting a little better at eating more. there are still times when I have to have her completly distracted in order to eat but its baby steps. and the second picture I just thought she looked like a rock star with her clip in strawberry shortcake hair. that was just about an hour ago.
Well we head off to boise in a few days to see the Turner clan. We are excited, and then after that Brett & I go to Havasupai to go camping and play in the water! so this will be it till we get back! It will be the first time ever leaving Berkley (my moms gonna watch her, thank goodness!) I've left her with my cousin one time when we went to the temple, and that is seriously the only time Ive been away from her (besides when brett watches her but that dosn't count). And honestly Im getting way nervous about it. NOT that I think my mom cant handle it, shes probably the only person Id want to watch her, or Bretts mom, but Im just gonna miss her and feel bad for leaving her! I hope she dosn't miss me as much as I do just thinking about it!......Im a dork I know....logically I know shes gonna have a great time with grandma, she loves people. I dont know what im so worried about, I just am. anyway have a good rest of the week!