Sunday, February 22, 2009

3 things

So Brett had a booth at the Home & Garden show for his agency so that meant we got to go for free. Theres was my dream Playhouse, if I was 7 still. and alot of other cool stuff to look at including the shammy wow guy (you know the super absorbent towels with the spokesperson that has the Britney Spears headset) and also the steam vac which I almost buy everytime I see it. Berk decorated her own little bob the builder hat and I was so exhausted by the time we got home! so heres some pix of that

two other things. first Im over 37 weeks so come out already, but Im only at a 1---thats all I want to say about that

and lastly I got this case for my ipod at the DOLLAR STORE! are you kidding me, no Im not, only a buck . I was excited enough to take a picture of it. I just wish I would have had it a year ago before the nano got all scratched up.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

37 weeks is full-term... right?

So Im 35 weeks and counting and Im really excited and anxious for this baby girl to come! So fingers crossed she'll come earlier than Berkley did. cause Im done. not only am I sick of being fat I am really excited to meet our new little girl. Im nervous that Its actually a boy and that I will be completely unprepared. But as long as its a girl, we are good to go. we have a name. Noone knows but Brett and I so dont even ask. and Berk and her will share a room once shes big enough to go in a crib. We're also excited for family to come visit us and the new baby. I know I need to enjoy having just one while it last, but Im ready. that said I cut a couple inches off berkleys hair and gave her bangs. Bretts still not use to it but I love it,hence the random pictures. happy valentines this next weekend!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our New House!

Okay its the barbies' new house. My Dad actually made it and I decorated it for Berkley for Christmas.
Heres the Kitchen. It was alot of fun to decorate and kept me busy while Brett had all his training.

I got the vib-ee chair out for the baby and Berkley loves it! This is her when we first pulled it out she was pretending to sleep and then would just crack up!

Good Times

Theres this Gymnastics gym that has like open play time twice a week. We went a few weeks ago with a friends and her daughters and it was like the happiest place on Earth for Berkley! My camera ran out of Batteries after I took 2 pix though. but, you can imagine!

foam pit- you know you want to jump in. she lost her sock in here
Childrens museum in the train with Daddy! We love to spend time with Brett! We took Berkley Bowling last friday and had alot more fun then if we would of just gone alone. she was so excited to push the ball down. And wanted to use a new ball each time. And having the bumpers up definatley helped my confidence