Monday, July 27, 2009

I dont have an attention grabing title-not even sure I spelled that right

Its been a while, last week we got a computer virus and I had a root canal- I know what are the odds. but heres some of whats been going on...
so monroe started baby food about a week ago and loves it! its funny how different she is compared to Berkley as a baby. berkley and her are laughing and playing together more. Its cute how much Monroe lights up whenever Berkley comes around.

This beautiful quilt is made by a Turner family friend and I just love it! its the cutest fabric and perfect size for tummy time. I love the vintage girlie look! not to mention the cute baby on top of it!
Last weekend was the water follies aka the hydroplane races. it was pretty cool to see since Id never seen one before but it was super de duper hot so we didn't stay the whole time (brett did 4 work) Berkley got her face painted there and I tried really hard to convince her to get a pretty butterfly or sparkly flowers like the other girls but she was dead set on being a puppy! actually turned out pretty cute. She was really proud of it and could wait to show daddy!

Also Our friends from Rexburg where in town visiting there parents and we got to hang out with them a couple of times. I thought I got more pictures, apparently not. But its was good to see you Mitch & Cassie and cutie pie Hallie! good luck with the rest of school! We hope you guys move back here or close to it
so those are the highlights. theres been alot of swimming and popsicles too. I love summer!!! Im glad we are here. Also looks like Grandma & Grandpa Turner are moving out west. We are so excited to be closer!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Booty Shake to MJ & the 4th!

(the movie at the bottom has the booty shake)

Monroe is only 4 months I know she looks alot bigger but maybe its cause Berkleys really small.and Monroes a chunk, but sucha acute one! there wearing there mama's little sparkler and daddys little sparkler shirts.

Brooke Berk and Mimi!

Jeremy & Brett stylin

1st of the shabang
block party!( I want a neighborhood like this where everyone is friends and you block off the street and have bbqs)

So we went over to visit some good friends from college over the 4th and had a really good time. Thanks Brooke & Jeremy for letting us crash your party! Berkleys been missing you guys and Mimi (there cute dog) since we left! we had such a good time with them and there family. IM glad we were there for the 90 degree weather instead of staying here for the 100 degfree weekend! Brett is always amazed at how crazy the fireworks are out west. apparantly in NC you can't have anything that cool it was a fun weekend full of simming, pig roast bbq, and in your face fireworks! the 4th is right up there with Christmas for the funnest holidays. funnest's a word right? should be. hope everyone else had a fun time as well!

Berk watching the fireworks from the garage- a little less scary

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bretts Office

American Family Insurance....
So brett moved into his new office yesterday! Im really excited for him. Hes doing a great job and working really hard. for those of you wondering, hes been in the district office the first six months but now his staff and him have there own place, yea! its just down from the temple if anyones ever in the area. so if you want a good insurance agent whos gonna save you $ go to the Brett Turner Agency. Now theres 4 L shaped desks in there and his office is that window on the right behind them. I took the picture of the inside last weekend before we had keys so thats why theres a weird camera glare. his name & hours and everything are getting put on the door today I think.