Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shes 3!

Berkley Mae
Berkie boo
best buddy
baby... Shes known by many names around here and has many names for others. If she dosn't know you she calls you friend "Hey friends!" is what she yells to everyone she sees. if she knows you she loves you and tells you, even if you just mow our lawn. She loves to dance and sing and play with her daddy. she talks about her grandparents and cousins all the time and asks when there gonna "come to my house and bisit (visit)" she loves her "buddies" Ava & Cooper.
She still...
Loves the water, playing with kids, fruit, candy of course, going to the park anywhere outside, anyone who will say hi to her, reading books with mama, getting nails painted, has to have baby kitty and mama kitty to sleep with her
She now...
loves Roro (Monroe- most the time), sidewalk chalk, spongebob, the wiggles, playing tea party, barbies, dress up, (anything girlie), likes to brush her own hair and spray it with water- so cute one spot will get soaking wet

She's no longer...
obssesed with Elmo (thank goodness), wears diapers (yeah for panties!),

Although she dosn't officialy turn 3 for a little while we had a little princess party yesterday. she was so excited from the moment she got up for her party. she had a fun time with all her little friends. Later we went to this kids concert in the park with "wiggle like a fish" then watched Shark Tale outside at the park. Berkley had a fun birthday and so did we. If you ask her old she is she'll tell you shes 3 and a W. yes the letter W (duh, when you hold up 3 fingers it looks like a w) love it. We love her so much and have so much fun with her. check out her dance moves in the video- super cute!

Monday, June 8, 2009

our new favorite park by the river has this cute little wading pool thats just the right size! (berk is right in the middle)

Monroe loves the water just like her big sister
So much has happened since last post. I never posted pictures of my bday- I turned the big 25 on may 25th. My parents watched the girls for us on my birthday which was also memorial day and we went to seattle. it was fun to have some time just us but the whole time at the aquarium we were saying how much Berkley would have loved it. She loves everything but especially sponge bob. and we saw a whole bunch of patrick's which you could pet (starfish). anyway we had a good time in seattle then a bbq at my parents house that night with the fam. I even got to see some cousins I dont get to see very often.

I have since cut my crazy hair even crazier


Last week my parents surprised us and came up for the day. We had a good time even though it was a super short trip.

Have a fun summer!!!!!!!!!!!