Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer- totally out of order but took long enough to upload 27 pictures Im not fixing it

Berkley in the Fourth of July parade

  Went to Seattle for a Chocolate tour with Brett : ) yummy and fun
   Emerald Isle NC Beautiful! had so much fun there : ) Good start to the summer
 Scarlet Jade was blessed on July 8th.  Both our parents were able to come out which was nice and retts sisters fam happened to move to Wa the same time so they got to come too!
 Another shot on the chocolate tour. mmmmmm chocolate and now Im 28, basically a grandma
 Everyone after the blessing
 NC playing in the waves : )
  Went to some tide pools while in NC and found huge shells which we took home.  the other cousins found two starfish and some other cool shells. fun fun
 just the girls : ) dont know why I look like Im mad I was really happy.  maybe trying not to smile to hard?
 Roro at the beach
 Berk- we got family pictures taken in Nc and this was that day.  Since then shes gotten bangs, glasses and lost a tooth!
 and she turned 6- this is her candyland bday

 Fourth of July parade : ) Monroe
 Scarlet and her beautiful blessing dress- Monroe kept calling  it her wedding dress

 My mom made the gesutiful dress for her and her cute bracelet. this was the fitting the week before
Monroe in NC- the day we had pictures - her eyes are so blue this picture dosn't do it justice
 scary pic of me when we went to Alcatraz
 Fishermans wharf- San Fran overlooking Alcatraz

 cutie patutie in NC
 more beach
 My kids are spoiled now- they are gonna think its normal to find ginormous shells like that when you go to the beach
 Tide pools
 In front of the beach house.  oh how id love to be there right now!

girls and cousin Cohen, and boyfriend berk made, cant remember his name but they played together alot while we were there and he had the cutest little accent.  I think his name was Hugh

Lot of other things that I have pictures on my Ipad that arent yet on the computer.  We went to Silverwood this past weekend which was fun but probably the coldest day of the summer only got up to 70. Few weeks ago went to Hermiston water park, and of course the sprinkler parks around here.  Had a fun summer and seriously cant believe its over! Its gone so fast. 

Berkley is going into first grade on tuesday! She will be gone all day which is gonna be hard for all of us I think. Mostly me I think.  Shes such a big help and is fun to have around.  She started soccer last week and Bretts her coach which is fun.  Monroe starts Ballet next week and cant wait.  Shes been super clingy lately and I dont now why.  I dont know if  its a delayed reaction to having a baby in the house or what.  But she use to love nursery and now will bring it up randomly how she hates it and is never ever going back.  And whenever we go anywhere she has to be hanging on to me.  Im hoping Ballet will help her to feel more secure. Scarlet is growing like a weed.  She rolls over all the time and makes all kinds of beatboxing noises. She loves to pull hair and put everything in her mouth.  Shes 5 months now and Im expecting a tooth by the time shes 6 months.  Im gonna miss summer but also like the change in seasons.  Excited for the kids to learn new things. But time seriously, seriously needs to slooooowww down!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May happenings

 So Mothers Day Weekend we went over to Walla Walla for the Hot Air balloon festival. And no this isnt the only place they do them.  They have them all over the place.  It was really cool to be there and see them fill up and take off.  They are so huge but pretty quiet.  It was really pretty to see so many in the sky.  I couldn't obviously get a picture with all of them cause I think there were like 40 or 50, but you can imagine.  Im glad we went and the kids got to see it, maybe it will be a mothers day weekend tradition :)  We went and got awesome crepes and pancakes afterward then came back and they had like mini fair.  Fun day had by all!

No little Miss Scarlet is almost 2 months old! I cant believe it! Shes such a cutie and a great sleeper.  Couldn't ask for a better baby.  I swear Im due cause the other 2 would wake up every 2 hours for the first year.  Shes smiling alot now and we all love having her in our family : )

Berkley is entering the science fair this thrusday.  This is a picture from her experiment.  She wanted to find out what ingredient would make bubble solution last longer.  Shes so cute, and did a good job.  Every day she asks me, whens the science fair, and when are we going to the beach.
Little Miss Monroe is growing up so fast too!  This is before church she wanted to wear my shoes : )  Shes getting more talkative , to us, and loves to play with Berkley. She cant wait for school to be out so they can play more : )  thats the run down for now  Happy Memorial day and Happy Birthday to me this week! : )

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scarlet Jade

Shes here! We are so excited to have our little Scarlet Jade!  Shes is such a sweetie! The girls cant get enough of her and neither can we.  We feel so lucky to have her here and that everything went smoothly. She still sleeps a ton and we look forward to her few minutes of her eyes open. Here are some pictures of our sweet baby girl for those who dont live close : )

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monroes 3!

So Monroe turned 3! I cant believe it! She had a little princess party and Im glad we did itso she didnt feel totally neglected when the baby comes. We had a fun day with friends and then went to eat at a "fancy" restaurant with just us.  She kept saying thankyou for going to a fancy restaurant.  it was pretty cute.

 She opened her presents frm G&G that morning.  She loves her baby dol that makes noises like a real baby  From G&G Dickson andthe singing  pillow.

And the awesome quiest book from G&G Turner. Its been really keeping her quiet the past 2 sundays at church! Theres a shoe tying page to help you learn to tie shoes and she puts her feet in the shoes everytime- its funny.

Some Things about Mornoe-
She loves to play with her sister
Shes loves nursery
Shes a snuggler, but is also a little fiesty, her thing now is putting her hand on her hip when shes being a little sassy I know someday this probably wont be so cute but right now it cracks me up
She loves pink and loves to dance & sing
loves to chase cats out of our yard and is pretty much potty trained : )
And we love her!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

up to JAN/FEB

Berkley switched from cheer to hip hop the begining of the year.  They had a performance right away ( I think after 2 or 3 practices and it was pretty cute! She was right up front.  She likes it and has a couple friends from kindergarten in it with her.
(The snows not that deep they were on the trampoline) We finally had a couple snow days was either the end of jan or the begining of Feb.  It was fun to play in the snow: ) I like that we live in a place where we appreciate the snow again instead of dreading it!

Berkley learned the "I'll mail myself to you" song in kindergarten and had been planning on wrapping up herself to Brett for Valentines Day for weeks - So we made this envelope and the girls surprised Brett when he came home from work and sang that song to him- stinky cute. sidenote; a few weeks back after I dropped Berk off at school I smelled something and asked Monroe if she was stinky and she said " No...stinkin cute!" which is so true : ) cracks me up :)

ahhhhhh- shes gonna be 3 next week! cant believe it

(Below) Berk left for me : ) I had to post this so I can look back in ten years. Shes a good big sister, good example for the rest of 'em

Hopefully the next time I post I'll have a new baby girl to post about : ) 36 weeks and ready! : )