Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monroes 3!

So Monroe turned 3! I cant believe it! She had a little princess party and Im glad we did itso she didnt feel totally neglected when the baby comes. We had a fun day with friends and then went to eat at a "fancy" restaurant with just us.  She kept saying thankyou for going to a fancy restaurant.  it was pretty cute.

 She opened her presents frm G&G that morning.  She loves her baby dol that makes noises like a real baby  From G&G Dickson andthe singing  pillow.

And the awesome quiest book from G&G Turner. Its been really keeping her quiet the past 2 sundays at church! Theres a shoe tying page to help you learn to tie shoes and she puts her feet in the shoes everytime- its funny.

Some Things about Mornoe-
She loves to play with her sister
Shes loves nursery
Shes a snuggler, but is also a little fiesty, her thing now is putting her hand on her hip when shes being a little sassy I know someday this probably wont be so cute but right now it cracks me up
She loves pink and loves to dance & sing
loves to chase cats out of our yard and is pretty much potty trained : )
And we love her!


The Colson's said...

WOW!! I forgot that Monroe's Bday is a day before Caleb's!! I am glad that she had such a great day!!! She looks just like you Em!!!

Cassie said...

So cute happy day to her!!!! When is your due date??

kinsie said...

Shes adorable!!!