Thursday, May 13, 2010

brooke jeremy austin & mimi

ohh how cute! Our friends brooke and Jeremy came to visit last weekend with there brand new little cutie pie Austin! such a sweetheart!

this was at a random museum we went to in richland that I didn't even know excisted by the park we had a picnic at
An awesome pic of brooke at the museum! we had a fun time and wish they lived closer! I am glad we live within driving distance though its nice to get to see them once in awhile!
Berk & her best friend Mimi

Am I having a flashback to college?

Mothers day with my girls hope everyone had a good one! the weather couldn't have been better! the boys grilled burgers and it was delicious!


the day after the circus berkley was playing circus trying to balance sippy cups and toys on her feet!

Monroe loved the cottone candy more than life itself!
We had fun at the cirus a few weeks back, we went with some friends. the only down side was that is was late- 7:30- 10 kinda late for monroe

Sunday, May 2, 2010

photoshop-help me

so if you have photoshop and know how to ues it tell me. Im trying to find out how you make the picture old fashioned, like it has kind of a yellow tint like it was taken in the 70's or something. if you know what IM talking about or what its called let me know: )