Sunday, December 19, 2010

first part of berks christmas program

Merry Christmas to ALL!

making cookies for neighbors

After her pre-school program Santa

Ward party Im so excited for Christmas!

The countdown is definately on and I kinda want it to slow down! I really want it to slow down. Most of the fun of christmas is the build up! We've been having alot of fun time together as a family and with friends. Last friday we went to a play that another
church puts on annually of the nativity.Its outdoors and they have the soldiers on horses and camels and donkeys and sheep, and an angel in the sky. it was really cool. The girls have had lots of chances to see santa, at the mall, ward party, and Berkleys pre-school christmas program he made an appearance. ***warning this next part gets a little braggy but its my blog so get over it**Berkley did a great job at her program and I cant upload the main part of the program cause its about 15 minutess and its just not working on youtube but Ive posted the first part above above this post.At the end of the last few songs they did seh would curtsy and look all serious, it was funny! She also had a part in the program at church today. The primary kids sang the Nativity song and she sang a part with some other older girls. She totally took over and sang loud and clear in the microphone! It was really cute! shes such a little performer Its cute. Another fun Christmas activity we've been up to besides eating too many sweets (thankyou awesome neighbors) is the Elf on the Shelf. I had never heard about this till last year and Bretts mom got it for the girls. Its alot of fun , the girls love it! the Elf shows up after Thanksgiving witha book explaingin how it works. He/she shows up every morning in a different spot and the kids have to find her. Then the Elf watches the kids and flies home to Santa to tell him if they've been naughty or nice- super cute. The hard part is remembering to hide it somewhere new every morning. There has been a few mornings we have had to distract Berk while one of us runs down stairs to hide her. Well this is long enough and who are we kidding, noone looks on this for the text, just the pictures, so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

over due.. and dont have time to finish this post but... Merry Christmas!

Santa and his elf
thanksgiving dinner/dads birthday

ready for the first snow!

(tree farm)

its been a busy few weeks with thanksgiving and christmas prep. heres a few pix from it. It snowed the week of thanksgiving and melted awy and was warmer this week. but then snowed again today, barely. We've had more snow in the past month than in the 2 years we've lived here. I think its raining now so who knows if we'll have a white christmas. We've seen Santa 3times already. the last time Monroe actually sat on his lasp which was cool. Berkleys excited for her christmas program for pre-school this week and Im probably more excited for her. she has her part down. I love christmas time and everything that goes with it! and having kids makes it awesome! We I was getting ready this morning I heard Berk singing really loud along with a Christmas Cd that grandma Turner gave her a few years bak so I went in to spy and it was so stinkin cute i had to video. she had the book with the words pretending to read. Im gonna try and post the videos of it but I always struggle posting videos. outta time! Merry Chirstmas!!!!