Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You can do it at a trot you can do it at a gallop...& more

so its that time of year again when the fairs come to town. Although every town we've lived in has had a fair, none have compared to my home town Puyallup fair. Although we do always have a fun time. Only people from Puyallup will understand what Im talking about. Anyway we wet today and it was fun! we (me & the girls) went with my friend and her kids(thats cute little Cooper in the pic, Berk loves him). We saw the animals, got some fair food, (so greasy but so delicious) got some free prizes. good time had by all. So they were giving out cowboy hats to the kids and surprisingly berk wore hers the rest of the time there.
super cute mini horses-hearded cows the size of shnowsers but there cattle(j.i.b commercial) oh reminds me of when I entered my gray lop-eared bunny Daisy into the fair & she got disqualified cause she was a boy and I entered her as a girl.... good times

Also last week anniversary dinner- awesome went to Anthonys -best seafood! so fun to go on a date!

water looks cooler in person.

My sweetheat Monroe. growing like crazy! Loves her carrots,Sweet potatos & to pinch my arms and neck- shes such a smiley baby with 2 dimples like mama! and shes ticklish! she'll be 6 months sept 6th. Is that next week???

berks new toy microphone from gramma- she loves this thing- she is such a ham

last friday farmers market-what your farmers market dosn't have bubblegum snow cones? Berk & her BFF Ava.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 years???!!!!

August 20th 2004-Brett and I became a family. I just wanted to say Im so grateful and lucky to have him for my family. He turned out even better than I expected. We knew each other almost a year from the time we met till the time we got married which is long compared to alot of you, but looking back I feel like I hardly even knew him then, although I was crazy about him, I am so lucky at who I chose! (yeah its a picture of a picture thats why it looks crazy)