Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy New Year!

Christmas flew by. it was definatley an interesting one. We got to see lots of family and had a good time. I got a crazy migrane Christmas Eve and missed the big Family party- Dumb. But I did get to talk to my little brother Jake who is on a mission. that was really cool. We had a party every night and got spoiled rotten! Brett got a shotgun and went out christmas with my dad shooting. I got an ipod and am excited to download some new music. W got alot of great gifts and are really greatful for all of them. Berkley got alot of fun toys too and goes from one to the other all day long. Hope everyone has a happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2007

December is Flying by!

I can't believe Christmas Eve is in a Week! Crazy. Alot has happened since I last posted. about two weeks ago Brett went grouse hunting(not sure if I spelled that right) its a bird. he shot one skinned and we ate it for lunch! It actually tasted like chicken. Berkley watched them out the back door as they skinned it. hopefully she didn't understand whatt was going on. Berkley is learning, and her hair anyway is growing so fast. Im sure the rest of her little body will catch up! We got her tickle me Elmo for Christmas and she saw me wrapping it an just about died. She wanted it right then! She is getting close to 2 and its starting to show. When we get back from Christmas she'll be old enough for nursery and We are so excited! I know shes gonna love it. Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas is Coming the Goose is getting Fat! (Muppet Christmas)

Heres Brett with our fat bottom snowman. I dont know if you can really tell in the picture but the base is way too big! It defiantly feels like christmas! I just got done making candy cane bark and cookies for the neighbors with Bing Crosby Christmas blaring and I just love it! I dont know if I was ever not excited about Christmas but having a kid definately fuels the excitement. Tommorow night we are going to the Christmas parade on Main street. its at night and all the floats are lit up with lights! I am a christmas junkie! take care- Em

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving Break

Well we went to my family'sfor Thanksgiving and had a good time. The picture above is Berkley with her cousin Hallie. Im still laughing at the fact that my aunt left one of my cousins at home by accident thanksgiving and didn't realize till after dinner. Im sure he'll be getting a good Christmas present. It was my Dads birthday, and we went to the tree farm to get a tree. they have a train that goes around to pick up trees and people so that was fun. We rode it twice once in the caboose. Berk kept leaning her head out. It was pretty packed full of fun weekend and I can't wait for Christmas! Although it will probably be as short. later-Em

Monday, November 19, 2007

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

It started snowing at Church yesterday but most of it came over night. On the news it said we could get up to 12 inches! But we didn't. Or Haven't yet. I hope we dont get that much before we drive home for Thanksgiving. Right after we got outside, Berkley fell face first into the snow. I thought she was gonna cry but she just looked at me like what the heck? She seemed to like the snowman and was mad when we came in. Im sure we'll have many more chances to play in the snow this winter. But this was the first time she could do anything in it so it was fun! Im excited for thanksgiving but even more excited for Christmas. We put all our decorations including the tree last monday so its Christmas at our House. I love it. I found CD at Walmart that we listened to at my cousin Callies growing up, Bing Crosby Christmas, and I've been listening to it non stop. Ive Changed my ringer to his version of Jingle Bells. I just get so excited anytime someone calls now. Well long enough- you get the piont I love Holidays! Have a good one!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This is from last Saturday before we went to the Trunck or Treat. Just the cutest snow white! and yes that is Brett under the mask. Berkley had so much fun. she just ran around the churchrunning up to all the kids. Gave me flash backs of when I was little, chasing cousins in the halls during trunck or treat. It was freezing outside so she had to where her hat and mittens over her costume. She would put her little hand out and hold onto whatever candy they'd give her. I let her eat on of the mini suckers and then I tried to take it from her. And she was not having that, so she chewed up the stick for a while. no more candy! Im excited for our halloween party wednesday morning. I think it is going to be alot more people than I originally planned. I dont know what my problem is I just keep inviting people! Oh well I dont care it'll be fun! We are gonna carve pumpkins tonight for family night so I made these mini pumpkins out of oranges and put orange sherbet inside. Yum more pictures after the party Im sure!

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Day in the Park

Berkley wouldn't take a nap today and it wasn't raining so we decided to go to the park. I think she likes the wind cause everytime it would blow real hard she smile and start to laugh. We played in the leaves, went down the slide, swung on the swings and just ran around. When we got home she fell right asleep. So if they wont sleep just run them around until they get so tired that they have no choice! Its defiantly been getting colder over here. We had to bust out the winter box of coats hats and gloves. and go get Berk some. I like it when the seasons change its so pretty.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

So I finally got our pictures to work. They kept saying error, then they were sideways. The sunset is from our deck. My Brother Jake just left on his mission on the third and we went home for that. I can't believe it. I had a dream last night that he came home the next day cause he was scared... very doubtful.

We've been getting ready for Halloween! We are gonna have a little party with Berkleys friends from storytime and playgroup. Im sure Im more excited than anyone. We went to look at Halloween stuff today and Brett was excited to get a strobe light for the porch. He wants to somehow scare the trick or treaters by hiding or something. We'll see.

Berkley is 15 1/2 months now and is running all over the place. She tries to have conversations with us, usually asking questions which we can't understand. And she is just nuts! she started climbing on the coffee table so we moved it to the guest room. Now she climbs on the ottoman and will just walk off or roll off or go head first! And she thinks it is so funny. But it scares me to death! Bretts still working like crazy but he's got more people working for him so hopefully he won't have to do everything. Well this is quite long enough!

Friday, October 12, 2007

We went to the fair back in September... it just dosn't compare to the Puyallup but it was cute to see Berkley with the animals. she liked the bunnies and chicks but not so much the pigs and goats. me either.

Monday, September 24, 2007

First Post Ever!

My first time blogging! I want to be able to keep in better contact with Friends and Family so hopefully this will help others know whats going on with is and promote them to keep in touch with us! We are in Moscow Idaho. Idaho again I love it. I never got an Indiana license so Im good for a while. We really like it here. its small but it is big enough and alot closer to family. Now we just got to get Bretts parents tomove out here! Soon hopefully. Hopefully I can figure out how to put Pictures on here until then, Bye for now! Emily