Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Berkley with Santa- Thanks Stacey you did a great job! HOpe everyone has a great Christmas and a fun New Year. We are so excited for christmas! We've got a ton of snow here and are hoping the passes wont be too bad by friday so we can drive back to Moscow. We officially move to the Tri-Cities this weekend so it will be a while before I post again. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

We've done alot since the last post I just have been lazy with the blogging. Bretts still in training and we get to see him every once in a while. We miss him alot and can't wait to see him next saturday! We had a great thanksgiving with my parents & grandparents (no pix of that) and then got our tree the next day at the red barn tree farm. We go there every year. they have a train that you ride to go get your tree, then it picks you back up.
We just got back from Leavenworth (A german town in the mountains) they had a big christmas thing going on and Berkley loved all the people dressed up. She didn't want to leave there sight.

Santa, Saint Nicholas, and Father Christmas came into the town square on a carriage. Oh and yes they are 3 different people. I didn't know either until yesterday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Attacked by the Geese!

Its been a while! So we went to the park the other day to feed the ducks with my uncle Reid who lives with us. We to this park that I use to think had swans when I was little. We've been going to this park forever but I wont go again! WE totally got attacked by the Geese(formally known as swans) they chased us away from the pond! It was crazy I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I tried to throw bread to them but they kept charging us!!! INSANE!!!

oh look mommy cute little ducks!

Oh hi Geese! they're coming to play!

Uh.... Mommy? Why are they chassing me?????- Dont worry this is when I picked her up. Im pretty sure they are taller than her! Im surprised she didn't get scared!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Spooner farms last week before Halloween. Its such a cute little place I cant believe I had never been there before. Berkley got a little pumpkin that she could carry and had fun pulling the guts out. I helped with the carving. the picture by our blog title our neighbor took. Shes a pro and has an awesome camera and took pictures of Berkley and her little boy playing in the leaves at my grandparents house. oh memories.....

Corn maze with Grandma

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy GrAnDpA!

So we made it to Washington. For those of you who dont know we are tryinh to sell our home because Brett is opeing up a Insurance Agency for American Family Insurance in Tri-Cites Washington. So Im over at my parents house while he does training over here for the next 2 months. So we got here Saturday so that we could go to my Grandpas 78th Birthday party. His birthday is on Halloween so it was a big Halloween party. We had alot of fun and Im so glad we made it in time there were alot of fun costumes and mine was definately not one of them. Every year I try to think of something so cool and then when it comes down to it it just never happens.
Im excited to dress Berkley up again on friday and take her out trick or treating. Brett should be here by then and we cant wait to see him! Everyone have a fun Halloween. oh and I want to know what everyones favorite scary movie is??? mine Red Eye, hopefully we can watch some good ones this weekend- Em

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is supposedly shoing that its a girl. Dont worry I had her check about 10 times to make sure.

Yea! so we just found out we are having a Girl! we are excited! I think Berkley is going to love having a little sister and girls are so fun to dress and Ive heard easier to potty train. Now all we need is a name! girl names are hard for us. so leave any suggestions. I want something pretty but different I dont want her to be Jamie #3 in her class. We are so excited! and Brett even guessed it was a girl. He is definatly out numbered but I think hes use to that!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

prego costumes

so some of you might not think this is funny but I was searching online for pregnant costume ideas and one of the pages I pulled up said
-pregnant mormon missionary
-pregnant cheerleader
-pregnant nun
I thought it was pretty funny---no Im not gonna do it but it did make me laugh long enough to want to tell all of you-

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Haunted Houses

For FHE last week we made candy haunted houses. Here's Berkley with a mouth full of jelly beans as she decorates her house.

My house, love the orange slices! you gotta use what you like to eat so you can eat it later.
Bretts house- he didn't want to be in the picture, Im pretty sure I ate his house too. oops!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Berkleys new Boyfriend

So heres Berk and her new sweetheart. watch her face before I ask her if shes gonna kiss him- its like she thinking about it seriously.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Turner happenings...

We went to the Horse Museum today. I know sounds exciting but its actually a pretty cute little museum that has a cool kids area with all kinds of things to play with and did I mention its free. She didn't want to dress up this time but usually she puts on the cowboy boots, hat scarf and leather vest.
Besides the museum we got her some fake food to go with her plates and cups and she will play with that forever. She still can't reach the pedals on her bike but that dosn't keep her from playing with all the buttons. We did go up to Spokane last weekend for a few different things and Berk and I got to go shopping and to the pet store while Brett was getting things done. I think Berkley would have been fine staying there ALL day she wasn't too happy with me when we had to go. She LOVES animals. I want to get her a pet sometime but its probably gonna a be a while since its kind of crazy right now with moving and the new baby coming. Brett is done with all his tests, and we get to find out if its a boy or a girl on the 21st!! so thats whats up with the Turners!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Marissa had her baby!

For those of you who know my sister- she had a little girl Friday night. she was 6lb 5 oz and they named her Kenzi Louise. Isn't that cute! anyway I just wanted to let all the cousins basically and anyone else who knows her know. I only have a picture on my phone so no photo yet but she is tiny and adorable. Congrats Maris & John, and big brother Trent and sister Hallie! We love you guys and cant wait to see you all!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

packing with a 2 year old

Berk found my beanie when packing and thought it was pretty funny
My child as a homeless bum- what a perfect shot! I just thought this was too funny not to post

Every box is a toy box, no matter what Im putting in it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Do the Puyallup...sort of

So its not the Puyallup Fair but I wish it was. Does that count? For those of you not from Western Washington, Puyallup is where Im from and has the coolest fair in the universe. But we did go to the Latah County Fair! And although it is quite a bit smaller and they dont have scones we did have there. Berkley loved the animals, the one ride she was big enough for(fun house), and especially the CLOWN! And the fish prize she won.
Her "Nemo" Prize
exhausted from a hot day at the fair

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Anniversary & Ultrasound

Four years! wahooo! we had a great anniversary. we went to this awesome French restaurant and had an 8 course meal. it took around 3 hours to do it and it was a little spendy but it was so much fun and we'll probably never have a chance to do something like that again. some of the things we had were, escargot (snails), roasted duckling(sooodelicious), lavendar creme brulee(my fav), every kind of cheese, filet mignone, truffles, and so much more. so fun and a one of the few times Berkleys ever had a babysitter. I think she did pretty good though she just watched Pinnochio twice- her favorite.
Then last week we got to see the baby. Brett & Berkley came and when the doctor turned off the lights to see the ultrsound and it was all quiet, Berkley yelled out "Boo!" it was pretty funny. It took me a minute to stop laughing which made it impossible to see the baby for a minute cause my stomach was going crazy. But we did see him/her it was really cool it had its hands up to its mouth and one point we saw it straight on which reminded me of berkleys ultrasounds.i dont have my official ultrasound to tell the sex until week 22 but my doctor has an ultrasound machine in his office and said we can do one whenever we want so thats good. considering we're moving at 21 weeks. so thats the news for us! have a fun Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

End of Summer

Even though noone in our family is going to school It almost like the day school started here it turned into fall. the leaves are starting to change, its a little cooler (even though its supposed to warm up for the weekend yea for labor day!) We had a fun summer and here is what the past few weeks consisted of first a visit from my good friend Molly who was on her way to school in Wyoming near the Tetons. Although I had morning sickness for a few hours saturday we did end up going to Kamiake butte whick was fun. it was good to see her and Berkley loved her!
the following week my parents came. also sick that week but I was glad to have them come visit and hope they weren't completly bored. we did go out to eat alot and my Dad & Brett went shooting. We also went around Pullman since they lived there for a few years going to WSU. It was a good time for them to get to know Berkley since she was the only grandchild not living within 15 minuted of there house.

(everytime Berkley sees that pictures she pionts to herself and says "sleeping" cause her eyes are closed, its pretty funny)

Then we rode back with them for a family reuinion at Alder Lake. It was really fun. We used to go to this lake on the fourth growing up. we were there all day and had some good food and got to visit with the whole family- except uncle Jake- hes on a mission.

Heres my spazo child throwing dirt at me!
Grandma& Grandpa Dickson

Some cousins before we ate the ribs!
some of the little girls swinging while grandpa pushes (Lydia, Hallie & Berkley)

so we've had a fun summer and honestly, Im excited for fall! I love when the seasons change even though I waited for summer for a long time. hope you all had a good one too!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its true... Baby # 2 on the way!

We are so excited for Berkley to be a big sister. Im almost 11 weeks along. I'll try and get one of those ultrasound looking graphics up soon for those who are interested. So Im due March 14th, gonna have a little spring baby. Ive been alot sicker with this pregancy which is making me think its a boy but who knows, its probably quadruplets- I WOULD DIE! So any morning, noon, and night, sickness remedies would be appreciated cause its getting ridiculous . Im starting to doubt that its just gonna stop at 12 weeks (a week away) but keep your fingers crossed. And just so you know I will NOT be posting pictures of my growing belly. Unlike some people(Everyone in my family) I get fat ALL over! So thats the big news from the Turners, hopefully we'll find out what were having by Halloween.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boyer Park camp out

On the road again
So we went camping last weekend at Boyer park in WA. It wsa pretty fun. It was our first campout since Berkley was born. she loved the tent, fire,and the water. It was like we were playing keep away from the fire all night. We had hot dogs and s'mores and it watched a movie in the tent. We were a little unsure about going camping with her but figure its now or never. She did pretty good she just didn't want to go to sleep.She kept getting up and looking out the window and rolling over all the sleeping bags wich was cool...Its been a long time and Im glad we went! dont have any real camp pictures cause my camera died right after she got in the water. but you can imagine!