Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy Mothers Day to Me!

Since my camera is currently on the fritz- I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the past, almost two years that Ive been a mama! I love it and seriously wouldn't have it any other way. Although theres been times when I wanted to pull my hair out or give into the fact that I was just always gonna be a fat-o, Im glad Im a mom! Shes defiantly a character! she makes our lives fun and makes me sooooo happy! Thanks for being my baby!

Monday, April 21, 2008

bad news bears

So my camera is broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lame... But I needed to take pictures of my cute kid so I got a disposable one. so untill I fill that up with pictures the blog will be pictureless. But here is what to expect----
- A curious George birthday party at her friend Howards- with the man in the yellow suit! I know how cool
-A carnival at our Friends apt.s with games and goats and prizes (thanks Amber & Afton for the invite!)

Ive also been using my cell camera alot. but can you put those on the computer???? besides e-mailing them?? please let there be a way!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

how to make an ABC book

So theres been a few people wanting to know how to make the ABC book or what it is exactly. Its a combination of a few things.

  • I got enough "coasters" from the scrapbooking store (basically super thick cardstock-comes in different shapes the size of a coaster) to put a letter from A-Z front and back and then one for the cover and back page

  • Then I used scraps from Scrapbooking to cover all the coasters

  • Then used a sticker for each letter on each one A-Z ( also available at scrapbooking store in many fonts

  • then for the pictures for each letter I used 3 things

  1. Pictures of Berkley (ex. for the letter I shes eating Icecream)

  2. Scrapbooking embelishments ( for letter M I used a tiny mirror)

  3. I bought a pack of flashcards from the dollar store for the rest of the letters that I couldn't think of pictures for

  • Then I punched holes in all of them, modge podge each page and put them all together with a metal ring!

  • Tip if any of you are planning on doing this I would reccommend a trip to the zoo with your camera that way you'd have alot of different letters covered and also have you kid in the picture!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Shes Crafty!

Godilocks & the 3 Bears, Little Red Riding Hood
ABC book
So this is what Ive been working on lately. The most recent was the hair bows. I swear all the little girls have these cute bows so I decided since my daughter suprisingly has so much hair I should take advantage of it and have her where these cute clips. super easy to make. You can get a big bag of clips at Joanns for pretty cheap and I got the ribbon at a scrapbooking store by my house that sells it by the foot so I didn't have to get a whole bunch of one ribbon. I didn't put the curly q clip in the picture- It was downstairs. But that one is probably my favorite. I just wrapped really thin grosgrain ribbon on a bunch of scewers and baked them for like 20 min and when she wears them its like a party on her head! The puppets I also copied the Idea from someone in my ward(thanks Kim!) and the abc was a combination of things I had seen. so thats what Ive been doing lately!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Have you been to Havasupai?

So Im starting to get really excited. We are going with Bretts family to a place called Havasupai. I dont know a ton about it but what I do know makes me excited. We will hike down and camp by a pool of blue water with waterfalls to play in and cliffs to jump off! I dont know if I'll be doing any cliff jumping unless I have my arm floaties or noodle. but Im excited and I think it will be really fun. but we need camp food suggestions. We can't build a fire there cause I think its like an Indian reservation or something and yes I know Indians build fires but I dont know- no fires. and we will be in vegas the day before so no parishables cause they have to go on a plane and everything. so what do we bring. We'll have a little camp stove. cup of soup here we come! Any suggestions appreciated or if youve heard of anyone going here either!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks for Coming!

My Brother and wife and kids came last weekend for a few days to visit and look at there old school. We had such a good time and were sad to see them go. Especially Berkley, she actually started to cry when they all got in there car and we said bye. She had soooo much fun having all the kids around. they were all so helpful with housework and taking care of Berkley. I definatly see advantages to having older kids! We had desert for Bretts birthday early while they were here so that we would have some family. And the other picture I thought was cute of Berk and her cousin Ben. I wish I took more pictures. My camera has been lame lately and I also forgot to take it with us when we went to the science center. which I thought was really cool. I hope they had fun cause we had fun having them!We miss you Joe Joleena Elise Janie Ben Lydia & Natalie! If anyone else would like to visit they are more than welcome! We love to have company!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Brett! you old man!

Brett is 27 today! Almost 30! just kidding- Happy Birthday Babe! we love you so much! we wanted to keep this in Blog format so I decide to make a top 5 reasons you are the coolest person I know!

1.You are the best Dad! You are a great provider and Berkley loves you sooooooooo much. She gets so excited when we hear you pull up and I say -daddys home! and when you dance fast with her, play kitchen-set and chase her around!

2.You are my best friend! Your willing to play games even when its just us, or just do nothing with me- a true friend is one who will have fun doing absolutly nothing! Your not afraid to put me in my place when I try to be too bossy, which is one of the reasons I married!

3. Your interested so your interesting! (Had to put this in somewhere-inside joke) I love that you think its spelled alvacodo and not avacoda and Aldoph Hitler and not Adolph. which leads me to number 4...

4. Your the funniest person I know! its just who you are, and when you do your awesome dance moves just makes me so greatful we found each other in Rexburg Idaho! the only place in the world we would have met!

5. You take me on all kinds of adventures! I look forward to all our future adventures and love all our past! from flavor flav in Indianapolis to the crazy drive home from Christmas!

I love you your the best and I hope you had a fun day today! love Em & Berk