Friday, June 17, 2011

Pre-school Grad. Oregon Coast. I heart summer

Berkley Graduated Preschool! she had such a fun time with Miss Kim and Miss Jodi this year! and her little friends

start of our vacation
We had a busy Memorial Day weekend that started at stone henge(a war monument) and ended up with was getting a mini van! woot woot. In between we went to 2 cheese factories in Tillamook (I know you thought there was only the one but you were wrong). Then we went to a lighthouse, Goonies Beach with the 3 rocks, a waterfall, then Astoria for the Goonies house Goonies Jail a giant column and some loud Sea Lions. It was fun to have a little family vacay. Im so glad to have a bigger car now and the kids love it too! I think we're still trying to convince Brett how awesome it is, anyway heres some pics : )

We like the cut outs apparently- farmer Monroe and her cow Berkley

Tillamook Cheese Factory. some Icecream to start the summer right!

on the way down to the lighthouse. I like this picture more than the lighthouse so yeah.

the column- forgot Im scared of heights till I got to the top and opened the door. then I remembered pretty quick!

the only time I hope to see this

Goonies house

they were really loud