Wednesday, February 29, 2012

up to JAN/FEB

Berkley switched from cheer to hip hop the begining of the year.  They had a performance right away ( I think after 2 or 3 practices and it was pretty cute! She was right up front.  She likes it and has a couple friends from kindergarten in it with her.
(The snows not that deep they were on the trampoline) We finally had a couple snow days was either the end of jan or the begining of Feb.  It was fun to play in the snow: ) I like that we live in a place where we appreciate the snow again instead of dreading it!

Berkley learned the "I'll mail myself to you" song in kindergarten and had been planning on wrapping up herself to Brett for Valentines Day for weeks - So we made this envelope and the girls surprised Brett when he came home from work and sang that song to him- stinky cute. sidenote; a few weeks back after I dropped Berk off at school I smelled something and asked Monroe if she was stinky and she said " No...stinkin cute!" which is so true : ) cracks me up :)

ahhhhhh- shes gonna be 3 next week! cant believe it

(Below) Berk left for me : ) I had to post this so I can look back in ten years. Shes a good big sister, good example for the rest of 'em

Hopefully the next time I post I'll have a new baby girl to post about : ) 36 weeks and ready! : )