Wednesday, January 28, 2009

lost all contacts

I had to transfer my # to a new cell phone due to some issues with the two yearold bitting the old one, so I lost all my contacts (I still have the same # though). so if I ever had your number please e-mail it to me Thanks!--Em

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Up to

So we've been doing alot of exploring the past week since the house is pretty well un-packed and we've found some cool places to play, thanks to the help of the locals. We've found a few libraries (no pictures of that-I know your heart broken) a childrens museum which is more of a big place to play - dont know why its called that, and the playground of dreams (actual name). the park-playground of dreams was way cool and is right next to the river and a fishing pond on the other side. We went there yesterday since it was so nice and it was a chore to get Berk to leave. so heres some pictures of what we've been up to, one reason is to entice others to also come and live here in this random place that we are really starting to love.

(childrens museum)
sorry its sideways- this is the castle are in the museum- thats a stage behind her- and no I dont know that other kid but those are dress up clothes the other girls wearing

part of the playground-so much fun and its fenced so the kids cant runaway from you moms love that!

roll on columbia roll on. I swear she wanted to throw every rock into the river before we left!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Berkie's Room!

Since we've moved to our new house berkleys been really excited about Berkleys room. Whenever Daddy comes home she wants to show him Berkies room. Same with when Mana and Peepah (Grandma&Grandpa Dickson) came to visit. so my mom sent her these letters and circles to decorate her new room with. She had so much fun putting them on the door and spelling out her name. towards the end of decorating she pulled on the of the stickers of the door and stuck it on her nose and said "Rudolph!"- he is one of her favorites lately and thinks she sees him all the time!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're moved & Itunes is sucky

so we are moved into our new house and feel pretty settled besides the fact that we now probably 3 people. We like that its not as crazy cold and snowy as it was in Moscow, and that we are closer to family (3 1/2 hours). Bretts work is only one exit away going west and Walmart is only one exit away going east, so we are in a good location for the things we regulary need. One issue we've been having is stupid Itunes. so let me know if anyone else has had this problem. We got our computer set up and I downloaded some music and then I went to sync it to my ipod and it said I needed to download a new version of I-tunes to use it. So long story short, everything is deleted and no one at apple or microsoft can help me with anything. soooooo annnoyed. all I want is my old version back! I dont even care about the updates! but it wouldn't even let me click on anything and yeah, anyway past 2 days Ive seriously talked for hours with tech support. Oh and dont worry, theres no tech support specifically for itunes- I mean theres no phone # for them or e-mail. just the ipod people who dont know how to help me apparently. Enough ranting and raving. We're here, no snow, our house is rented out, I can't complain.