Wednesday, May 27, 2009

silly girl

the silly face

playing golf with dad- she is such a daddys girl. shed wait by the whole and get the ball when itd come
she wanted to put makeup on and have princess hair one night when we were waiting for brett to come home this is the result

helping me make fruit pizza. she oves to sit on the counter and help me make food.

lunch in the park with Dad

She came in the kitchen one day with these rings on her feet, and in a robotic voice said "Im a robot" It was really funny. now she says it all the time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

what you get for your $

First I just want to say we are not building or buying a home anytime soon. We still have to sell our house in Moscow before we even think about it. That said. I do like to look around in different areas so that when the time comes we can be really sure where we want to buy. So the other day I found this hidden neighborhood with gorgeous homes right on the river. are there are alot of different ares with homes on the river but this development of about 8 homes was next to an orchard away from everything and had a gradual slop to the slow river with big beautiful trees lining it. Gorgeous empty lot in between 2 houses. Basically my dream lot. now across the street (not next to the river but close) was another cult de sac that had no houses built yet but one empty lot for around$69 or $75,000- cant remember) so Obviuosly the one by the river is gonna be more. so Im thinking maybe $100-150,000- oh no. I called today just out of curiosity to see home much, hold on to your seat--- $535,000!!!! thats without a house! NUTSO CRAZY! So now aim trying to wipe the dream of living on the river from my mind! I guess our zebra blow up pool is gonna have to do!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What the world needs now

Is love sweet love! cant help but smile when I see this cute little sweetheart!
Shes 2 months now-crazy

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So some of you might know that Berkley had surgery on her arm this last wednesday. She had a bump that noone knew what is was and they wanted to remove it and test it. anyway the surgery went really well and she's recovered in lightning speed. so we will find out this week if it was anything bad or not. The surgeon was very optomistic because of its location that it wont be anything harmful but better safe than sorry. That said here some pictures of what we've been up to lately
Moms surprise party- Happy Birthday Mom!

at my moms by her pretty flowers- Happy Mothers Day Mom!visiting my grandma while home, Im lucky she lives so close.

We went to this place in April (Suncadia)for a work thing. so gorgeous- this picture dosn't do it justice-

then... my sisters family came to visit for a minute
my sisters oldest-TrentonMonroe & cousin Kenzie (5 months apart)
Berkley & cousin Hallie (9 months apart)