Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May happenings

 So Mothers Day Weekend we went over to Walla Walla for the Hot Air balloon festival. And no this isnt the only place they do them.  They have them all over the place.  It was really cool to be there and see them fill up and take off.  They are so huge but pretty quiet.  It was really pretty to see so many in the sky.  I couldn't obviously get a picture with all of them cause I think there were like 40 or 50, but you can imagine.  Im glad we went and the kids got to see it, maybe it will be a mothers day weekend tradition :)  We went and got awesome crepes and pancakes afterward then came back and they had like mini fair.  Fun day had by all!

No little Miss Scarlet is almost 2 months old! I cant believe it! Shes such a cutie and a great sleeper.  Couldn't ask for a better baby.  I swear Im due cause the other 2 would wake up every 2 hours for the first year.  Shes smiling alot now and we all love having her in our family : )

Berkley is entering the science fair this thrusday.  This is a picture from her experiment.  She wanted to find out what ingredient would make bubble solution last longer.  Shes so cute, and did a good job.  Every day she asks me, whens the science fair, and when are we going to the beach.
Little Miss Monroe is growing up so fast too!  This is before church she wanted to wear my shoes : )  Shes getting more talkative , to us, and loves to play with Berkley. She cant wait for school to be out so they can play more : )  thats the run down for now  Happy Memorial day and Happy Birthday to me this week! : )