Sunday, December 19, 2010

first part of berks christmas program

Merry Christmas to ALL!

making cookies for neighbors

After her pre-school program Santa

Ward party Im so excited for Christmas!

The countdown is definately on and I kinda want it to slow down! I really want it to slow down. Most of the fun of christmas is the build up! We've been having alot of fun time together as a family and with friends. Last friday we went to a play that another
church puts on annually of the nativity.Its outdoors and they have the soldiers on horses and camels and donkeys and sheep, and an angel in the sky. it was really cool. The girls have had lots of chances to see santa, at the mall, ward party, and Berkleys pre-school christmas program he made an appearance. ***warning this next part gets a little braggy but its my blog so get over it**Berkley did a great job at her program and I cant upload the main part of the program cause its about 15 minutess and its just not working on youtube but Ive posted the first part above above this post.At the end of the last few songs they did seh would curtsy and look all serious, it was funny! She also had a part in the program at church today. The primary kids sang the Nativity song and she sang a part with some other older girls. She totally took over and sang loud and clear in the microphone! It was really cute! shes such a little performer Its cute. Another fun Christmas activity we've been up to besides eating too many sweets (thankyou awesome neighbors) is the Elf on the Shelf. I had never heard about this till last year and Bretts mom got it for the girls. Its alot of fun , the girls love it! the Elf shows up after Thanksgiving witha book explaingin how it works. He/she shows up every morning in a different spot and the kids have to find her. Then the Elf watches the kids and flies home to Santa to tell him if they've been naughty or nice- super cute. The hard part is remembering to hide it somewhere new every morning. There has been a few mornings we have had to distract Berk while one of us runs down stairs to hide her. Well this is long enough and who are we kidding, noone looks on this for the text, just the pictures, so MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

over due.. and dont have time to finish this post but... Merry Christmas!

Santa and his elf
thanksgiving dinner/dads birthday

ready for the first snow!

(tree farm)

its been a busy few weeks with thanksgiving and christmas prep. heres a few pix from it. It snowed the week of thanksgiving and melted awy and was warmer this week. but then snowed again today, barely. We've had more snow in the past month than in the 2 years we've lived here. I think its raining now so who knows if we'll have a white christmas. We've seen Santa 3times already. the last time Monroe actually sat on his lasp which was cool. Berkleys excited for her christmas program for pre-school this week and Im probably more excited for her. she has her part down. I love christmas time and everything that goes with it! and having kids makes it awesome! We I was getting ready this morning I heard Berk singing really loud along with a Christmas Cd that grandma Turner gave her a few years bak so I went in to spy and it was so stinkin cute i had to video. she had the book with the words pretending to read. Im gonna try and post the videos of it but I always struggle posting videos. outta time! Merry Chirstmas!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

kids bath redo

Before- brown on brown on brown
new fresh and so clean clean! ( It says BATH on the wall that you can half see- I actually just typed it on word and printed that out, cut and gluesticked-yeah thats a real word- it on some canvas squares I had)

So I was getting sick of tan,brown everywhere and decided to paint the girls bathroom. I think blues greys and greens are always a good pick for bathrooms so I went with a light blue called Abracadabra. I really like it and cant wait to finish it up with some hardware on the doors and drawers and hopefully frame out the mirror. I usually only post about the kids but I like seeing redo's on others peoples blogs so thought someone else might too. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 12, 2010

october pics forgot to post

Dr. Seuss day at pre-school. They had green eggs and ham for snack and since then she asks for that at least 3 times a week for lunch.

heres a picture of Berk (Alice in Wonderland) and her little boyfriend who just happened to be the white rabbit- honestly what are the odds!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

family pix

So I won a giveaway on a friends blog to have her husband, whose an awesome photographer take our pictures! We've never had family pictures done so I was super de duper excited. We got the CD of prints today and thought Id post a few. Check him out if you are in the area, or not, there are some others already on Facebook so Im trying not to repeat them

Saturday, November 6, 2010

messing around with photoshop

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

pumpkin pumpkin diddle diddle shmumpkin, Pumpkin!

Before the mess...As you can see Berk was very into painting
Ta da! we decided to make them into cats...

set them on the porch and moments later...
the neighbor cat strolls by to meet the new cats. The girls thought this was pretty funny!
making pumpkin cutout cookies later in the week. Got the girls costumes done and the countdown is on. I heart Halloween : ) Happy 80th Brithday to Grandpa Dickson on Halloween! wish we were coming over!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Have you seen the Ghost of John?

long white bones with no skin on ohhhhhhhhhhh wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on!!!!!
Happy Halloween! last week Berkleys Pre-school had a fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch and Brett got to come with us! We had a fun time and learned that Berkley has a few boyfriends in the class. They were adorable wanting her to sit by them. One of their moms said that he comes home and tells her what Berkley wore to pre-school every time he goes- too cute. There was a cute petting zoo,hay ride,hay maze and tower. It was alot of fun. We went there last year too. more pictures later gotta go get Berk from her Princess party : ) dont you just want to be four?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

fun at the Fair

It was our lucky Day! Dora was at the fair! the girls love love love Dora.
It was supposed to be rainy that day hence the warm clothes but it ended up being sunny the whole time we were at the fair! it rained the second we got to my moms till we left but not while we were at the fair!

On the Am Fam trian- brett monroe & dad (grandpa)

Monroe love Grandpa she usually takes a while to warm up to people but not him!

Grandpa and berk going in the fun house-

I cant help but laugh at this one she looks frieked! she was excited when she got off though, I thought she was gonna cry but she liked it despite the face!
Berk on the 'black widow' race car

the one ride Monroe got to go on. shes totally strapped on but seriosly this she can go on but not the merry go round? really?

LOve the fair its been since oohhhhhh...2001 that I've been. so it was fun to take Brett and the girls there for the first time and see what a real fair is like : ) my mom was gonna come but had to take my uncle home who wasn't feeling well : ( we missed her but had a fun time with grandpa dickson

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My babys in pre-school!

Berk started pre-school today and I haven't been emotional about it at all... until It was time for her to go and I was taking pictures of her with her backpack on- I lost it! Her response was "Why are you crying?" and I said"Cause Im gonna miss you!" and she said "Its okay I can take care of myself and I'll tell you all about it when I get home" which made me cry even more! she was really excited to go in there. shes definalty not shy and was talking to the teachers assistant the second she walked in there telling her everything important like her name and how to spell it. Shes there right now and Im anxious to go get her! I love her so much! she told me I was her sweetheart before she left, but she really is mine! miss her love her, I know she'll have lots of fun and learn alot-
Also Monroe started Nursery Sunday, which I was nervous about cause shes alittle more...well not as easy to go to anyone but me. But she did great, plopped her in there and she found some toys and barely noticed me leaving! Im so greatful for that. My babies are growing up! dont know how I feel about that!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summerrrrr time time time(sing it like Janis)

Summer has been fun and busy and a bit of a blur! I can't believe eveyone is going back to school already. they had the fair here last weekend but Im holdin out for the "real" fair in Puyallup in a couple weeks. Hope everyone had a fun summer! heres some pictures from August : )
they really are best friends and i hope they always will be
I told her she looked like Alice in Wonderland next to these tall flowers- she loves Alice

partners in crime!

shes starts pre-school next week and is really excited about it. she didn't want to leave when we went to the openhouse last week. Its just two days a week which I think is plenty. Its gonna be weird not to have her around 24/7

family night : )

somemore of the "cheese" face at fhe

cousins! I think Kenz was getting changed when I took this

ooohhhhh! how cute!

Berk and one of her tricks!

isn't this what you do in the sprinkler? Im gonna miss summer!

Ward campout- it wasn't like a trek. they just had these handcarts to haul your stuff in from your car. little did we know we would all get sick after this campout! yuck! a bunch of famiies got sick- not fun or cool!

S'mores at the campout-

sugar high after the s'mores

Monroe trying to wait to do s'mores with mallow in hand. somone thought itd be a good idea to make everyone introduce themselves and sing songs before the s'mores... I think Monroe ate half a bag of mallows before we could make s'mores

swingin at the ward campout

They love to plave hide n seek and the cupboards are a fav place to hide- Monroes makin her "Cheese" face

so cute! Even with yogurt all over her face! love it!

It took a while for her to start to like the sprinkler park but she definatley does now

Primary temple trip-super cute they took a picture to send into the friend. Brett and I got to go with them
stick bug in a jar- now whenever we see a bug, which is alot outside, they want it in a jar. kept them entertained for quite some time!
All for now! have a great September!