Sunday, June 27, 2010

dora party


Shes 4! well, her actual birthday isnt till the first but as far as shes concerned it was saturday. She had a fun Dora party with a few friends then after naptime (for monroe) We had pizza and icecream at the park with just our little family. Perfect Day, or if you ask her "the best day ever" (spongebob quote). They ate swiper the fox pb & j sandwiches- which they were a little weirded out by I think. then swiper took the candles and the pictures from the map to find the candles so we went on a scavenger hunt to find the clues. -threw water balloons at swiper and then found the candles and had cake. the hit of the party though of course- POPSICLES! I love it- they went crazy for popsicles! so heres the answers to her birthday interview

all about Berk- these are right out of her mouth
  • what is your favorite toy? Ella (elephant she got for her birthday from us- she really said that I didn't make her)
  • what is your favorite dessert? ice cream
  • whats your favorite color? green
  • whats favorite thing to do outside? jump on the trampoline
  • whats your favorite thing to do inside? jump on one foot
  • fav place to go? museum at the park ( by the park)
  • favorite song to sing? Jingle Bell Rock (its true shes sings it all the time and says "dancer & prancer in the frosty air!")
  • favorite animal? Teapot (her stuffed dog-so dog I guess)
  • Fav food? corn on the cob
  • whats something you want to learn? how to snap

actually day before party when I first showed her the Dora cake she been wanting since her last birthday

atacking swiper with water balloons
(part of scavenger hunt)

end of party w/ party bags-backpack

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dickson Reunion

these pictures aren't in order- this is Monroe exhausted from a fun day at the park- on the drive home
the youngest of the clan -Joes baby Abigail
Dad Mom Reid




Landoes- we're gonna miss you guys!

The whole group

Puppy(Berkley) Tiger (Natalie) Kitty (Hallie)
Smore time!- Lydia

MMMmmmm that looks good!

Grandma giving out prizes

Brett Dad John on the grill

yeah this are totally out of order, smore time

We had a reunion a few weeks ago that ended up at our house because the mountains where we were gonna go camping was too cold. Luckily it was great weather here and we were able to be outside in the warm sun! We missed my little brother Jake whose at college and Joel who is on the other side of the world currently! but other than that everyone was there : ) heres a few highlights!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

berks'- ballet recital

so Berkleys Ballet recital was today. It was at a park that has a stage. it was fun and cute to see her up there. she loved it. they had a rehersal this morning and they went on stage and everything so she couldn't wait to go back tonight to go back on stage. Brett kept asking her if she was gonna shake her bum on stage and she'd say " Im only gonna follow what the teacher says" cute- glad she did. one part of there little act each girl goes in the middle of the stage and does a little spin and there was a hula hoop to help the little ones know where to go and one girl ( not berk) goes out and picks it up like shes gonna

start hula hoopin it up! pretty funny it was fun- I asked her if she wanted to do it again next year and she said yes, we'll see after summer...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grandma & Grandpa!

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit all the way from North Carolina Memorial Day Weekend. They brought along Bretts Grandparents too. It was fun seeing them all and hope to see them soon!
Any chance we got to be outside we were! I think they came the ranniest weekend we've had in a long time! hopefully they still had fun, we did

the gang

Dress up with grandma!

Bike ride! brett's taking the picture- love the trailer brett gave it to me for my birthday : ) but it is tougher up hills pulling those two! thanks brett for switching me : )