Sunday, July 25, 2010


here are some pictures of our trip to Boston. We had a fun time and were ready to come home and see our girls. thanks mom for watching them!! We were able to go to NYC after but that will be a later post
marissa & I somewhere along the freedom trail in Boston

redsox game

swan boats

boston library- so pretty

bike taxi to little Italy

outside the library(we walked past it everyday to get on the subway thats why so many library pics plus its beautiful)

more cool buildings in Boston

harvard museum of natural history

where everybody knows your name -

this is us after our Codzilla speedboat ride- may have been the funnest part of boston! near where the boston tea party was

Acorn street on Beacon hill- cool area to walk around. lotsa cool old homes and streets

nephew Trent in Boston : ) like this picture